I have become a scout in 1991, when the scouting spirit has been revived. By that time, my parents chose for me an educational pathway that will define me for the rest of my life. I have known the joy of living years of camping, hiking and challenges within “Peleș” Local Centre in my hometown, Sinaia, set in the mountains. In time, I have become interested in the international network of the organization, which would have been a dream come true for a youth belonging to the first generation to experience the freedom following the communist age. This dream took shape especially after reading copies of the scouting textbooks in foreign languages that I used to receive from leaders that got to join scouting activities abroad.

I have fulfilled all the stages until I have become a local centre leader. I have challenged my fellow leaders to write the first European funds project and we won. That moment was a landmark in my organizational management activity.

My university years in Bucharest led me to the national office of our organization, where I have been co-opted as an International Assistant Commissioner. This was the greatest chance of my scouting life, since it gave me the opportunity to really get to know the world organization. I was impressed by the internal decisional process, the international network, the image and the spirit of scouting communication. This made me follow a formal education in the field.

At the same time, I have joined the curricular teams, working for educational materials, national projects and attending international events. I have not neglected the need for continuous improvement and therefore, I have become an accredited trainer, paramedic and teacher.

After holding this executive position I have come back to the local organization and I have twice been elected for the ONCR Board. For another five years I served as PR, communication and external relations commissioner at the national level.  I have settled the external goal of changing the way scouting is seen in Romania, and took over the mission of introducing new concepts regarding the external relations, sales and PR management.  My top challenges have been The National Jamboree and The Scout Centenary.

At the moment, I am Scout Leader in my home town for Rovers and  volunteer in  European Funding and External Relations Core Group

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