A word from the candidate:

New times, new challenges

The world is changing. New actors and new issues of global interest come forth and our members must face them. New projects concerning diversity, equality and integration find their right place in our educational programs. As a City Manager, always I take into account in my decisions for my locals, the lessons and values that scouting are offering me.

Funding & Networking

I have always sustained that money actually is in the air. You only need to know how to access it. The value of an organization is also set by the ability to fundraise. Scouting programs need long term financial support, and this is why the financial strategy must become a habitual practice at both national and European level. Serving as a representative of Romanian Scouts in National Youth Council,  Governmental Bodies and coordinating the No Hate Speech Campaign confirmed my words.

Same values without borders

We have the privilege to be part of an organization which shares the same spirit – regardless the continent – and I think we should take advantage of it. Mobility leads to knowledge and acceptance. Interregional programs turn the scouts into world leaders.

Adaptation and creativity

The public image works hand in hand with the adaptation of our activity to the environment and the creativity of our response to various needs.

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