Dear friend,

It is with joy that I announce the candidature of Marian Valerie Panait, on behalf of the National Organization of the Romanian Scouts, for election to the European Scout Committee.

Marian has been a scout since 1991 in the local group of Sinaia, Romania. He has been serving the Movement more recently as a National Board member, local group leader and member of the European Scout Regions’ External Relations and Funding Core Group.

I think that Marian’s combined professional and scouting experience recommends him as a valuable member of the European Committee. I’ve known him for twenty years as a passionate, action focused and dedicated person and scout. I would suggest that his main skills are a practical and in depth approach of management, public relations, networking and fundraising, focusing on a concrete impact in communities for the improvement of the wellbeing of everyone.

Until June 2016, Marian is available for discussions via different channels of communication. I kindly encourage you to take some time to get to know him and explore together some of his ideas and how do you think he can be an active member of and your representative in the European Scout Committee.


With kind regards,

Sabin Mureşan

National Organization of Romanian Scouts

Dear friends in Scouting

It is with joy that we support the candidature of Marian Panait, on behalf of the National Organization of the Romanian Scouts, for election to the European Scout Committee.

With over 10 years of experience in local, national and international projects organized in partnership with both public and private institutions, Marian developed skills and abilities in areas such as communication, coordination, leadership, supervising and evaluation. The diversity of the activities he implemented offered the possibility to work alongside various types of people. He valued this opportunity and transformed it into a new way of improving his creativity, capacity to innovate and structure a proactive thinking.

His professional activity for the last couple of years – as City Manager of Sinaia, by coordinating and implementing strategic projects and campaigns with a strong focus on community development, through his involvement in the Foreign Affairs domain and by taking responsibility alongside the civil society – helped him reach the level he is at today. Not only that, but he built a strong relationship with the National Organization of Romanian Scouts, contributing to its development through his role as National Commissioner of External Relations and Communication and promoting diversity as national coordinator for the No Hate project and many other projects that aimed to raise awareness and increase our society’s level of tolerance. Moreover, he was part of the teams that organized the NSO’s greatest events: RoJam 2011 and the Centenary.

He reached a high level of professionalism within the following areas: elaboration of sustainable strategies and action plans, a key position as a representative during official meetings with institutional and private partners (public national and local authorities, ambassadors, stakeholders, etc.), organizational development, etc.

With a humanistic background and through his motivation to continuously learn even after he finished his academic studies, he strongly believes that he can contribute on a significant level to the wellbeing of our community as a vector of change both in terms of professional expertise and personal qualities outlined by activism, active listening and empathy.

If you have any questions about Marian’s candidacy, do not hesitate to contact one of us. We kindly encourage you to take some time to get to know him and explore some of his ideas. You can also speak to Marian directly during the conference or contact him on:

All this and many more recommend Marian as a valuable asset to the European Committee.

Yours in scouting!

Mihaela Ciobanu
International Commissioner

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